Voter Fraud Message & Hotline

Secretary of State Bill Jones is committed to a goal of 100% voter participation and 0% fraud. Toward that effort, he has taken a number of steps, including establishing a joint task force with the California Attorney General Dan Lungren, and a toll-free voter fraud hotline. If you observe someone who appears to be coercing a person as they are casting their absentee ballot; if you witness someone completing a voter registration card which you know to be false; if you see a petition circulator signing names on petitions instead of having the voters sign their own names; if you watch someone mishandle completed voter registration cards, call 1-800-345-VOTE. In order for us to be able to investigate the allegation, it is critically important that you provide us with the date, time, place, and specific circumstances that you witness, as well as telling us your name and telephone number or some means of getting in touch with you to follow up and obtain further details. We need credible evidence -- not just suspicions of irregular activity. But if you truly believe you've witnessed an election-related irregularity, do not hesitate to call our hotline today!

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