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Juvenile Crime. Initiative Statute.
Rebuttal to Argument Against Proposition 21

Arguments on this page are the opinions of the authors and have not been checked for accuracy by any official agency.

DON'T BE DECEIVED BY THE ARGUMENTS AGAINST PROPOSITION 21. It doesn't lock up kids for minor offenses, place minors in contact with adult inmates, or raise your taxes! It's not about typical teenagers who make stupid mistakes; these kids can be reached through mentoring, prevention and rehabilitation.

Proposition 21 protects you and your family by holding juveniles and gang members accountable for violent crime. It's necessary because violent juvenile crime has increased more than 60% over the last 15 years. We must be clear: YOUTH IS NO EXCUSE FOR RAPE AND MURDER.

While prevention programs are important, by themselves they don't deter hardened gang members from committing rape and murder. Proposition 21 ensures appropriate punishment for juveniles convicted of these vicious offenses.

DON'T BE MISLED: State law prohibits placing juveniles in contact with adult inmates and offers juveniles educational programs. Proposition 21 doesn't change this!

DON'T BE DECEIVED: In 1994, the same special interests that today oppose Proposition 21 claimed the "Three Strikes" law would raise your taxes and cost billions, without reducing crime. Wrong! According to the California Department of Justice, "Three Strikes" has SAVED TAXPAYERS BILLIONS while DRAMATICALLY REDUCING ADULT CRIME. Furthermore, the two largest tax cuts in California history have occurred since "Three Strikes" passed overwhelmingly.

Law enforcement officials throughout California witness daily the tragic consequences of violent juvenile crime. That's why they agree Proposition 21 is vital to protecting California communities.

Vote to reduce violent juvenile and gang related crime. Please vote yes on 21.

Sheriff Hal Barker
President, California Peace Officers Association

Elaine Bush
Former Director, California Mentor Initiative

Collene Campbell (Thompson)
Founder, Memory of Victims Everywhere
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