U.S. Senate Candidate Statements

  • Serves as one of two Senators who represent California's interests in the United States Congress.
  • Proposes and votes on new national laws.
  • Votes on confirming federal judges, U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and many high-level presidential appointments to civilian and military positions.

Kamala Harris

Kamala D. Harris | DEMOCRATIC

I am running for the United States Senate because I believe it is time to repair the ladder of opportunity for more Californians and more Americans. As a lifelong prosecutor, I have always served just one client: The People of California. As District Attorney of San Francisco and California Attorney General, I’ve proudly stood up to powerful interests on behalf of the people and won real victories for our families. I took on violent predators, including the transnational criminal organizations and human traffickers who profit from exploiting women and children. I prosecuted polluters and big oil companies, took on the big Wall Street banks and worked across the aisle to pass the nation’s toughest anti-foreclosure law to protect our homeowners. As California’s United States Senator, I will continue to fight hard for the people and cut through the gridlock that pervades Washington. I will work to create the jobs our people need by bringing home federal dollars that will repair our crumbling water and transportation systems. I’ll fight for better schools and to give every child access to pre-kindergarten and affordable childcare. With student loan debt crippling college graduates, I’ll fight for refinancing and reform that makes college more affordable for all students. I will stand up for our veterans who deserve quality health care and job training when they come home. I’ll defend our environment and coast and lead the fight against climate change. Please join me. Thank you for your consideration.

4311 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Tel: (213) 221-1269
Email: info@KamalaHarris.org

Loretta Sanchez

Loretta L. Sanchez | DEMOCRATIC

California needs a proven leader who can deliver results and tackle the full range of economic, educational and security challenges we face today. Our next U.S. Senator must have extensive legislative and national security experience and share the life experiences of working people. I do, and that’s why I am the best candidate for the job. My parents were hardworking immigrants who struggled to provide for their seven children. I worked my way through college with the help of government and union grants, and the Anaheim Rotary Club paid for my MBA. My parents worked hard, valued education and are the only parents in American history to send two daughters to Congress. That’s why I have fought passionately in Congress for 20 years for education, affordable college, healthcare reform, immigration reform, gender equality, LGBT rights, raising the minimum wage, and environmental protection. I’ve also demonstrated independent judgment and courage when it mattered most: I voted against the Iraq War, the so-called Patriot Act, and the Wall Street bailouts. As a senior member of the Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees, I’ve worked to ensure our troops are trained and equipped to win and cared for when they come home. I’m the only candidate with the national security experience necessary to keep America safe from international and domestic terrorism. As your Senator, I will fight for all Californians, so together we can have a stronger and more prosperous future. I humbly ask for your vote.

P.O. Box 6037
Santa Ana, CA 92706
Tel: (714) 774-0236
Email: info@loretta.org

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