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1996 General Election

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The November 5, 1996 Presidential General election will be the third time that the California Secretary of State's office is posting live election results on the Internet.

The initial project was conducted with the help of Digital Equipment Corporation during the 1994 general election and was limited to the results of statewide races and initiatives.

Earlier this year, we again teamed up with Digital to produce our primary election server which included legislative races, improved graphics and additional voting information.

This site for the general election has been prepared entirely by the staff at the Secretary of State's office and is our first election site without the assistance of a public-private partnership.

We hope you will enjoy the site and let us know what you think of it.

Please address comments and questions to
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What's Here?
  • Live election returns on November 5th, 1996 for the following races:
    • U.S. President
    • California Representatives to U.S. Congress
    • California State Senate
    • California State Assembly
    • Ballot Propositions 204 - 218
  • Candidates lists for the races named above
  • The entire Ballot Pamphlet including the full text of the propositions
  • A Guide to Absentee Voting
  • Voting information:
    • Voter registration information and hotline
    • Voter fraud message and hotline
    • County election officials' contact information
    • County election Internet sites
  • Political party Statements of Purpose
  • Election Statistics
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This web site has been developed using both Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. Experience with our Secretary of State Home Page indicates that well over 90% of the visitors to our site are using one of these two Web browsers.

Certain features of this site - HTML tables with graphical content or colored backgrounds, for example - do not display properly with some other Web browsers. Since the majority of our visitors use one of these two products, we have designed the site with them in mind.

On the other hand, we recognize that there are some special situations that require other technology. This is explained below in Text-Only Navigation.

For your convenience, we have provided links here to the Netscape and Microsoft sites where you can obtain the latest versions of their software. If you wish to upgrade now, simply click on one of the buttons below.

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Text-Only Navigation
Feedback from our March Primary Election Web Site indicated the need to be able to navigate the site using textual links only. Some visitors are using browsers that only display text. These are often made available by schools, libraries and other public entities. Some people are using slow dial-up connections and must turn off the display of graphics in their browsers.

More significant though, are our visually impaired visitors who listen to our site by passing the output of a text-only browser such as Lynx into a special voice synthesizer. Unfortunately, we discovered too late that visitors such as these were not able to move from page to page on our Primary Election site due to its dependence on clickable image maps.

For this election, we have kept the essential "look and feel" of the site while enhancing it with textual links that mimic the operation of the graphical ones. We hope this enables even more people to have access to the important information here.

If you are one of our visitors who must use text links only, we would like to hear any suggestions you might have for improving the navigability of this site in that manner. Please send them to and we will see if we can incorporate them.
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