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Welcome to California's 1996 Primary Election Web Site!

We are proud to provide you with up-to-the-minute election returns over the Internet. This year, we have also posted the California Ballot Pamphlet and other election-related information on the web to help voters make better informed decisions.

We are currently working with the legislature to get campaign finance reports posted on our official Secretary of State Homepage. We hope to have this important information available during the 1998 elections.

For the first time, we have joined forces with the non-partisan California Voter Foundation for the development of their 1996 California On-Line Voter Guide. CVF's guide will help voters locate additional information about candidates and ballot measures that is not available through the Secretary of State's Office.

This 1996 Primary Election Server is made possible through a public-private partnership between the Secretary of State's office and Digital Equipment Corporation. The project demonstrates the best of what happens when business and government work together to provide better service to the taxpayers. We hope you agree.

Please, enjoy this unprecedented access to information regarding the California election, and remember to vote on Tuesday, March 26, 1996.

P.S. For best viewing results, we suggest, at a minimum, using Netscape version 1.2 or the equivalent browser of your choice with a display setting of 65K colors or greater.

This California primary election coverage is brought to you by the California Secretary of the State's office and the Digital Equipment Corporation.

Copyright 1996 Digital Equipment Corporation