1998 California General Election
Candidate Statements
Attorney General
Candidate Photo Bill Lockyer
1230 H Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-1755
As Senate President, I toughened penalties for wife beaters, drunk drivers and drug dealers. I wrote "three strikes" legislation for violent criminals and the law denying parole to those convicted of sex crimes against children . I restored our right to prosecute juvenile murderers as adults. The Chief Justice of California's Supreme Court thanked me for streamlining death penalty appeals . He called my court reform "one of the most important reforms for California Courts this century." I'm proud that over 100,000 police and deputy sheriffs support me . For 25 years, I've defended the environment, a woman's right to choose , protected consumers from fraud, the elderly from abuse, and patients' health care rights. This year, I was named "California's Legislator of the Year" for my "hard work and integrity." As Attorney General, I will protect children . . . removing guns from schools , collecting child support from dead-beats, and intervening with high-risk kids before they commit crime. Too many politicians take credit for statistics that say crime is down . Too few take responsibility for threats people still face everyday. I am determined to be the people's lawyer . . . standing up for the men and women who patrol our streets and prosecuting those who harm others.
Web Site:
Bill@LockyerforAG.com LockyerforAG.com
Candidate Photo Diane Templin
American Independent
1016 Circle Drive
Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 480-0428
As Californian's Attorney General, I will vigorously enforce the law to safeguard our God-given and Constitutional Rights to Life, Liberty and Property and will give top priority to prosecuting all crimes of violence. Juvenile delinquents and gang members, and their parents, must be held accountable and required to make restitution to their victims. Prisons are a necessity to safeguard society, but they are not the answer to crime reduction. I will actively support prevention alternatives such as restoring families, nutrition, exercise, meaningful education and employment, community involvement, spiritual programs and other common sense solutions. I will be Fair, Firm and Impartial with Justice for All --Not "Just Us" in the tradition of the "good old boys". I have had 24 years experience as an attorney doing criminal, civil, family and constitutional law. I have been a foster parent to 67 children while raising my daughter. I am the only true pro-life and pro-2nd amendment constitutionalist candidate. I ask for your vote to make California a safer place to live, work and raise children. My Campaign Slogan: Its Time for Templin. Our rights are our might--our votes are our voice. Templin for Attorney General is the right choice.
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Candidate Photo Joseph S. Farina
8193 Bantry Court
Sacramento, CA 95829
(916) 685-1392
My name is Joseph S. Farina and I am the Libertarian candidate for Attorney General. I was born in 1958 and after completing high school, enlisted in the U.S. Army. I spent three years on active duty and completed my military service in February 1982, at which time I received my honorable discharge. In August 1979, I entered college at the University of Maryland, where I majored in American History. I received my B.A. in August 1982 and several months later, moved to California. In August 1983, I entered the Santa Clara University School of Law. I received my J.D. in May 1986 and then moved to Sacramento with my wife Ann. I was admitted to practice in June 1987 and since 1993, have operated a law practice wherein I represent ordinary citizens involved in criminal and civil matters. My political philosophy is predicated on a strong belief in the free market, individual rights and personal responsibility, which give me a unique perspective on enforcing laws and regulations which impact on the average citizen. Moreover, my belief that the Attorney General's Office must work with community leaders in solving local problems is my strongest qualification.
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Candidate Photo Robert J. Evans
Peace and Freedom
1736 Franklin Street, 10th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 238-4190
Vote for progress, not prisons. A criminal defense lawyer since 1971, I know the "lock 'em up" approach to crime, such as the "Three Strikes" law, is a failure. An opponent of the death penalty, I know that state-sponsored killing is worse than a failure. Nobody will be executed while I am Attorney General. I will lead in finding real solutions to the poverty, hopelessness and powerlessness that breed drug addiction and crime, while prosecuting the real criminals who cheat workers and consumers. I support quality food, housing and health care for all. I will defend the Constitution, and protect, not weaken, your Constitutional rights to be safe in your homes and on the streets from illegal government conduct. I will not defend unconstitutional police conduct in court. I will defend the rights of workers in their efforts to gain a better life through organization. Where workers or their supporters are sued for picketing, boycotts, or strikes, I will intervene to support them. I will defend women's reproductive freedom: both the right to abortion and the right of mothers to support and quality health care. Society's long-term problems require a long-term solution: an economy owned and controlled by workers.
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Candidate Photo Dave Stirling
P.O. Box 1863
Sacramento, CA 95812
(916) 444-2523
As Chief Deputy Attorney General for 7 years, I've been responsible for managing the Department of Justice's 4,200 employees, including 900 deputy attorneys general and 500 peace officers. Crime rates have dropped to their lowest levels in thirty years because we have finally toughened our crime laws. I am uniquely qualified with my broad experience as a private attorney; state legislator; General Counsel, Agricultural Labor Relations Board; and Superior Court Judge. I helped write "Three Strikes, You're Out" repeat offenders law; Megan's law against sexual predators; and the death penalty laws. I believe if we can teach our kids that a future in criminal activity is a dead-end street, then maybe we can ultimately save the lives of not only future victims, but of the potential criminals themselves. The Attorney General must also ensure that the resources and power of government are used reasonably to protect the people of California where they cannot adequately protect themselves--such as environmental and consumer protection. I am extremely proud that Attorney General Dan Lungren, former Governor George Deukmejian, crime victims groups and law enforcement leaders throughout California are supporting my campaign. I hope I can count on your support as well.
Web Site: www.dave4ag.org
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