1998 California General Election
Candidate Statements
Candidate Photo Harold H. Bloomfield
Natural Law
P.O. Box 1900
Fairfield, IA 52556
(800) 332-0000
Natural Law provides practical, prevention-oriented solutions to our pressing health, social, and environmental problems. Government today is like a diseased patient, and the two-party system like the worst of modern medicine--crisis-driven, expensive, strongly influenced by financial interests, ineffective at solving myriad chronic problems, and wrought with dangerous side effects. Prevention-oriented government will heal this situation. I am a Yale-trained psychiatrist, specializing in integrative psychiatry and natural medicine and frequently speak at conferences worldwide. My work has been featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, and Larry King , as well as Time, Newsweek, and People Magazine. I have authored 17 books, several of them international bestsellers, including Healing Anxiety with Herbs, Hypericum (St. John's Wort) & Depression, How to Survive the Loss of a Love, and TM--Transcendental Meditation. I am happily married with three children, ages 15 to 26. For 25 years, I've championed prevention in medicine; the Natural Law Party supports preventive health programs and applies the same integrative, prevention-oriented policy to all areas of government. This science-based natural approach is the key to improve the health, education, and prosperity of all Californians. Together, we can spend less and accomplish more!
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Candidate Photo Steve W. Kubby
P.O. Box 1012
Garden Grove, CA 92842-1012
(714) 537-9200
Government's job is protecting your rights, not taking them away from you. I will protect all Californians' rights. You can see my success with Proposition 215. We told government, "stop interfering with your medical decisions." The Constitution and Bill of Rights guide me. Competition will give your children better education. Abandoning the "war" mentality will give you less violent crime. I'll eliminate income taxes. We'll fight polluters on the principle of trespass instead of agencies setting acceptable levels of pollution. And we'll give you affordable alternative health care options. Desde hace varias décadas, los democratas y los republicanos vienen insultando a los hispanos. Dicen que hay demasiados hispanos en Estados Unidos. Encarcelan a ciudadanos mexicanos por haber cruzado la frontera buscando empleo. Separan a familias y amistades con sus deportaciones. Steve Kubby declara que esto es inmoral. Los Libertarianos proponen el libre comercio y la inmigración abierta, sin restricciones. Kubby se opone a las agencias estatales que aterrorizan a los ciudadanos, como el INS y el IRS; a las agencias de asistencia social, que destruyen la independencia del ser humano; y a la guerra de las drogas, que castiga desproporcionadamente a los hispanos.
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Candidate Photo Dan Lungren
717 K Street, Suite 320
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-2115
I felt fortunate to grow up in California. With support of my family, my Catholic faith and a sound education, I knew California promised unlimited opportunity. I want that same opportunity for all. As Attorney General, working with law enforcement, we have lowered the crime rate 30%. Tough laws, common sense judges, the death penalty and real prevention replaced failed policies that blamed society for crime. As Governor, I intend to continue this progress and bring similar attention to education reform. Bold change--including parental choice--is key to building a safer and stronger California. Together, we can do it.
Web Site:
info@lungren98.org www.lungrenforgovernor.org
Candidate Photo Gloria Estela LaRiva
Peace and Freedom
2489 Mission St., Room 26
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 826-4828
In the richest country, why are people hungry, homeless and poorer, while the rich grow ever wealthier? My Peace & Freedom campaign will mobilize to defend labor and immigrant rights. As a Latina, community and union activist, I am committed to fighting for people's right to a decent life--full employment, free healthcare, housing, transportation, a clean environment, education, childcare, senior care, and to a society free of racism, sexism, anti-lesbian/gay bigotry. I strongly support bilingual education and affirmative action. Stop the mass incarceration of the poor; end the death penalty now. Save Ward Valley and Headwaters forest. I call for taxing corporations, not workers. Restore the renters' tax credit and overtime after eight hours. I support Native sovereignty and the Indian Self-Reliance Initiative. I oppose U.S. intervention abroad; lift the blockades of Cuba and Iraq. Capitalism is based on profit and exploitation. As a socialist in Workers World Party, I believe that the wealth of society--having been produced by workers--should be owned by all and used for everyone's benefit. We need a mass movement which unites people in action to win what is rightfully ours. My campaign is a grassroots people's campaign. Join us!
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Candidate Photo Gray Davis
9911 West Pico Blvd., Suite 980
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 201-0344
I offer experience that will move us forward. I've been proud to serve you as Acting Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Controller, Assemblyman, Chief of Staff to a Governor, and a U.S. Army Captain in Vietnam prior to that. As Governor, my top priority will be to dramatically improve our public schools . I'll take a high-expectation approach to learning by raising standards and holding students, teachers and parents accountable. I will also hold government accountable. As Controller, I withheld paychecks from all State officeholders--including myself--until the Legislature passed the budget, and went to court to stop Gov. Wilson from raiding public pension funds. I have always been for the death penalty and am proud that I've won the endorsement of almost every law enforcement group in California. I'll protect our neighborhoods by keeping assault weapons off our streets, defend our kids by standing up to the tobacco industry and preserve our environment by stopping offshore oil drilling. I will continue fighting to protect a woman's right to choose-- and take on the insurance companies and HMO bureaucrats to make sure you get the doctor of your choice and the care you deserve. Together, we'll get California moving again.
Web Site:
gdavis@gray-davis.com www.gray-davis.com
Candidate Photo Dan Hamburg
200 Henry Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 462-1220
You can decide to vote Green, as people in 76 countries do. Greens are the strongest "third party" in California with 28 elected officials. With the last three non-incumbent races for governor decided by margins of less than 4%, your Green vote will be heard loud and clear. We stand for social justice and human dignity, an end to corporate welfare, and abolition of the death penalty. We stand for the decriminalization of marijuana and legalized cultivation of hemp. We stand for publicly financed campaigns and electoral reforms like proportional representation that will bring people back to the voting booth. We stand for renewed commitment to protect our precious remaining forests, wetlands, wild rivers, and the species they sustain. We stand for a bold, transformative politics that will enable human survival on a healthy planet. We can end hunger and homelessness. We can have universal health care and a living wage for all. We can have schools that inspire, communities that nurture. Greens have the vision; we need only the mandate. I am a former US Congressperson, and a grandfather with a stake in the future. I urge you to vote your hopes not your fears! Vote Green!
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Candidate Photo Nathan E. Johnson
American Independent
P.O. Box 880896
San Diego, CA 92168-0896
(619) 297-7808
I am pro-life. The taking of innocent life is never justified. As Governor I will work to end abortion in California. Since 1972 I have worked for San Diego Transit and belong to Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1309. I graduated from Southwestern Jr. College in 1971 with a degree in Accounting. I understand the struggle of working people in California as they try to make ends meet. Living near the international border for 39 years has made me familiar with the problems of that relationship. I support the Second Amendment guaranteeing "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." I am pro-death penalty and pro-restitution. Education in California can be improved with choice, choice and more choice. It is ethically and morally wrong to compel children to attend unsafe and unsound schools. English should be the basic language of instruction in the schools. As Governor I will appoint judges and board members who will uphold American Independent Party principles of limited government and individual responsibility.
The order of the candidates was determined by random alphabet drawing. Statements on this page were supplied by the candidates and have not been checked for accuracy by any official agency. Submission of statements was voluntary. Candidates who did not submit statements could otherwise be qualified to appear on the ballot.