1998 California General Election
Candidate Statements
Lieutenant Governor
Candidate Photo Cruz M. Bustamante
1700 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-1175
The Lieutenant Governor should be able to work with a Governor of either party. As Assembly Speaker, I led Democrats to cut college tuition and I worked with Republicans to strengthen penalties for criminals who use guns. My moderate politics--working families first--has won support of people from all walks of life. I toughened the law against "cop-killer" bullets. The California Association of Highway Patrolmen supports me for Lieutenant Governor . I supported "Gun Free School Zones," which Governor Wilson approved. The California Teachers Association supports me for Lieutenant Governor. I pushed to require health insurers to cover the costs of second opinions. The California Nurses Association supports me for Lieutenant Governor . I have supported tougher penalties for safety violations that kill or seriously injure workers. California's Professional Firefighters support me. As Assembly Speaker, my appointees to California's Coastal Commission are credited with protecting that great resource. The California League of Conservation Voters supports me. And I have demonstrated leadership on tough issues . . . writing the law allowing the Attorney General to sue tobacco companies, leading the Assembly to cut middle class income taxes and protecting a woman's right to choose . I appreciate your consideration for Lieutenant Governor.
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Candidate Photo Tim Leslie
915 L Street, Suite C412
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 443-2398
As an Assemblyman, Senator, and anti-drug abuse volunteer, I have worked to make government more accountable and more responsible. To help students learn, I co-authored the School Accountability Act, the Class Size Reduction Act and wrote legislation to build new school facilities. For safer schools, I wrote legislation to keep drug and sex offenders out of the class room. I co-authored the Golden State Scholarship trust--a savings program giving tax incentives to parents who save for college educations. To protect neighborhoods, I co-authored Three Strikes and the Hertzberg-Leslie Witness Protection Act which helps prosecute gang members. To protect tax dollars, I fought for welfare-to-work programs and stopped prison inmates from receiving welfare checks. To hold HMOs accountable, I authored legislation requiring medical professionals to review patient appeals rejected by HMOs. As Lieutenant Governor, I'll work to ensure students receive quality educations to better prepare them to compete in tomorrow's economy. I'll continue my efforts to stem illegal immigration and fight for a tax code that is fairer to all Californians. I'll use my twelve years of experience to make government smarter, more accountable, and closer to home.
Web Site: www.TimLeslie98.org
Candidate Photo Thomas M. Tryon
P.O. Box 1328
Angels Camp, CA 95222
(209) 736-4845
I'm a graduate of UC Berkeley with a B.A. degree in economics. After completion of military service, I graduated from the University of Chicago with an M.B.A. I currently am a member of the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors and concurrently manage the family ranching business. I strongly believe the free market process which is based on private property rights and voluntary exchange is clearly the best method for allocating scarce economic resources. I also am a committed civil libertarian and believe our liberties which are protected by the Constitution, most particularly the Bill of Rights, should be upheld. Therefore, I support the elimination of the car tax; the return of that portion of the property tax taken from the counties back to the counties, cities, and special districts; the elimination of the income tax; and, a cap and the return of the use of the transient occupancy tax for promotional purposes. I am a very strong opponent of the War on Drugs, helmet laws, seat belt laws, compulsory education laws, and all other laws which exist solely to protect one from oneself. I strongly support the Second Amendment. One is wrong to forsake liberty for the security of government.
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Candidate Photo Jaime Luis Gomez
Peace and Freedom
2140 Reservoir Street, #7
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 484-5437
The flow of capital across borders is a very natural occurrence, as is the flow of labor. California was a magnet for immigrants long before our state became one of the United States of America, and the immigrant issue is not a problem that will disappear with the signing of one or another piece of legislation. This is supply and demand on a very basic level. I feel strongly about the need to humanize California's spending priorities. The doors of education and health care should be open to all our residents. We can have full employment for all. As head of the Commission on Economic Development, I will focus on spreading employment by creating a thirty hour work week. This would help families. I will develop democratically controlled, worker-owned cooperatives to build affordable housing, which will meet a real need and generate jobs. Undocumented Residents who would otherwise be recognized as California residents must pay nonresident fees to our public colleges and universities. As a Regent of the University of California and as a Trustee of the State University system, I will strive to ensure that every resident of California be allowed to pursue an inexpensive, high-quality college education.
E-Mail: mphair@lgc.apc.org
Candidate Photo George M. McCoy
American Independent
I George M. McCoy am a candidate for the office of Lt. Governor on the American Independent Party. I have been a member of my party since I first registered to vote. I am a California Contractor and businessman in San Diego and Riverside counties. I have viewed with alarm for many years now the increasing burden of government on the lives of the middle working class and small business owners. I will strive as Lt. Governor to restore government to it's proper function as laid out in our constitution.
Candidate Photo James J. Mangia
7985 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 22
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(213) 694-2492
Let's turn this year's race for Lt. Governor into a referendum on the two party monopoly. In initiative after initiative, referendum after referendum, Californians have voted overwhelmingly for political reform--term limits, campaign finance reform, the open primary. With total disregard for democratic process, the Democrats and Republicans have abused their positions of power and sued California voters to have these initiatives overturned. That is why I'm running as the Reform Party candidate for Lt. Governor. To win the reforms we need in education, health care, and the environment we must break the stranglehold of the two party monopoly. I'm the Executive Director of a free medical clinic for children in Los Angeles. I work to develop and raise money for nonprofit community-based programs that are independent of government funding . As an independent Lt. Governor, I will be an advocate for the people! We Californians have made good use of direct democracy. Now we have to go one step further and bring the Reform Party (a new political party that stands for citizen's participation and government accountability) into the political mix. That's why voting for me as the Reform Party candidate for Lt. Governor is so important this year!
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Candidate Photo Sara Amir
P.O. Box 691932
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 820-3666 x1
As an immigrant, I especially appreciate the many opportunities of life in California. As an environmental scientist working to cleanup some of California's most polluted lands, I know the appalling results of a system which values corporate profit and wasteful consumption over a safe, protected environment. I advocate pollution prevention and strong enforcement of our clean air, clean water and hazardous waste laws. I support local control of our economies and believe that stimulating small business will bring long-term sustainable economic development. I am pro-choice, believe in universal health care and insist that women receive equal pay for equal work. We must prohibit state-sponsored executions and stop overflowing our prisons with people convicted of victimless crimes. As Lt. Governor, I will work to protect the entire California coast from further gas and oil drilling. I will promote increased investment in education, emphasizing the sciences. I will encourage organic farming and work to insure a safe uncontaminated food supply. I am committed to a politics of compassion, which recognizes that ecological sustainability is the foundation of a strong economy and peaceful world. Together, we can make our government once again work for all Californians.
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