1998 California General Election
Candidate Statements
Secretary of State
Candidate Photo Jane Ann Bialosky
Natural Law
P.O. Box 5283
Santa Barbara, CA 93150
(805) 969-3434
My intention is to bring fulfillment to the electoral ideal, a wise electorate. Government is the reflection of collective consciousness. With every thought and action we vote for the quality of leadership. Without a unifying principle, government will necessarily be partisan, unable to satisfy its citizens' innumerable desires. Our government should sustain that influence of harmony, positivity, wholeness, in which no one can go wrong and everyone will spontaneously be right. The Natural Law Party introduces the principle of administration in harmony with nature's intelligence, natural law, which supports the evolution of the infinitely diverse universe. The government of nature governs from the holistic basis of creation according to the principle of least action. The silent functioning of nature, in its infinite organizing power, "transforms earth into diamonds, an empty seed into a tree, colorless sap into the rose." Creativity and orderly action are embedded in silence, the fully awake, self-referral field of our own consciousness, the transcendental basis of everything, pure spirituality. We can achieve perfect administration through education to develop higher states of consciousness, enlivening natural law, so that action is all-nourishing, spontaneously right from within. No one must suffer. Everything must be upheld by natural law.
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Candidate Photo Gail K. Lightfoot
P.O. Box 598
Pismo Beach, CA 93448
(888) 452-3434
I will increase eligible voter participation through the use of easy to read and understand candidate guidelines, election pamphlets, with photo and statement from all of the candidates, permanent absentee voting status for any voter and allowing anyone to return absentee ballots to the elections office. I will not use my office to seek to disqualify any votes or voters. That is the job of your local county officials. I will assist the County Registrars of Voters to continue to remove names of voters who have left the area or otherwise are no longer voting. I believe that individuals (not corporations, unions, PACs) should be able to give unlimited amounts of their personal funds to help elect the candidates they support just as candidates are able to use unlimited personal funds to campaign for office. I propose adding None of the Above to the ballot so you can reject all the candidates and hold a new election. I want to know that you can cast your vote from the election material provided without depending on media coverage or advertising that benefits incumbents, major party and big money candidates. I want to see citizen legislators not career politicians running our government.
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Candidate Photo Israel Feuer
Peace and Freedom
P.O. Box 24858
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 473-3498
Why vote for me--or at all?! Why even bother about elections, politics, government!? Independent-thinking, open-minded, socially-conscious persons demand and deserve satisfactory answers and convincing reasons! It's time for a long overdue reality check on our politics. Don't be pulled under by cynicism and apathy about corruption and careerism! Don't be taken in by "wasted vote" or "lesser evil" mentalities! We need real reforms that make believeable "We, the People" governing "of, by, and for" ourselves. For starters, let's develop and experiment with: contracts of sorts (binding public-pledges) between candidates and voters; alternative voting systems such as proportional representation and approval/disapproval (incorporating "None-of-the-Above"); criteria to evaluate candidates and proposals; political EIRs (background, impact analyses) on all candidates and issues; informational services ("voter-friendly") available as a right to all voters concerning candidates and elections. The office of Secretary of State should serve as tribune and trustee for the people , not as dynastic sinecure for bureaucrats or pit-stop for politicians! I would be proactive and not merely reactive, administratively, legislatively, judicially, as the people's agent and advocate. Only with your help (ideas, services, money) and votes can we campaign and win -- do it!
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Candidate Photo Valli Sharpe-Geisler
4718 Meridian Ave., MSC #228
San Jose, CA 95118
(408) 997-9267
This is an election year, so politicians are again giving "lip service" to campaign finance reform. Don't be fooled--here's the recent history: With the Reform Party and a coalition including the League of Women Voters, AARP, Common Cause, and UWSA, I fought to get Proposition 208 on the ballot. In 1996 we, the California voters, passed this Campaign Finance Reform initiative with an overwhelming 61% majority. After passage, while the Reform Party was the one party in support of the initiative, the "lip service" parties were litigants to overturn it! I ran for Congress on the Reform Party ticket in 1996 and experienced first hand how the political system favors incumbents. As your Secretary of State (California's chief elections official) I will: Safeguard against voter fraud and level the playing field with nomination process reforms. Help Californians make an informed vote by allowing ballot statements for all candidates including Congress and State Senate-Assembly. As ex-officio Trade Commission member, illuminate underlying causes of our yearly $180 billion trade deficit. Simplify access to government information and with your help bring about change. If you want reform vote reform. I'm a technologist, educator and State Chair of the Reform Party.
Web Site: www.SiliconV.com
Candidate Photo Carolyn Rae Short
American Independent
P.O. Box 180
Durham, CA 95938
(916) 345-4224
My purpose in running for California Secretary of State is to alert and inform all citizens of their duty and obligation to register and vote into office responsible, representative and constitutionally moral candidates. As a native Californian born in Coronado in 1965 and permanent resident of northern California for over 21 years, I feel a strong commitment to upholding the rights and liberties of all its citizens as well as providing simplified and accessible information regarding the laws of the constitutions of California and the United States.
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Candidate Photo Bill Jones
1801 I Street, Suite #200
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 498-8368
As Secretary of State, I implemented unprecedented election and campaign finance reforms, while winning the court battles to keep term limits in effect and saving the new "Open Primary" system for California voters. I implemented real campaign finance reforms by requiring full and immediate public disclosure of all campaign contributions on the Internet and toughened enforcement on politicians and contributors who fail to disclose campaign contributions. My Administration implemented on-line voter registration and other innovative programs to increase registration and voter participation. Since 1995, nearly 4,000,000 voters have registered while I passed reforms to remove over 750,000 ineligible names of those who died or moved years ago. Cleaning the voter file saved millions of your tax dollars, increased turnout and reduced the potential for fraud . Cracking down on voter fraud, while referring over 140 cases for prosecution has been my priority. I'm supporting legislation to create a March 7, 2000 Presidential Primary election, giving you a greater voice in selecting our next U.S. President , while working to modernize our voting system using innovative computer technologies. I authored the successful "Three Strikes and You're Out" crime law. I'm proud to have the primary election recommendation of La Opinion newspaper.
Web Site: www.BillJones.org
Candidate Photo Michela Alioto
P.O. Box 26249
San Francisco, CA 94126
(415) 986-9966
As a young girl, my back was broken in a ski lift accident and I was left paralyzed from the waist down. Since then, I have worked hard to overcome my disability and I've learned to fight for my beliefs. As a White House domestic policy advisor to the Vice President, I fought for many of the issues that have made California a better and safer place for our families and children. I worked to ensure that assault weapons are not allowed in the hands of criminals or on the streets of our neighborhoods. I fought to defend a woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. I worked to protect our environment by continuing a ban on offshore oil drilling. As Secretary of State, I will ensure the integrity of our elections by investigating and referring for prosecution all credible allegations of voter fraud. I will work hard to make sure that more young people are actively involved in the political process, and that we teach our children the importance of civic involvement. For this reason, and because I favor reducing class sizes in our overcrowded schools, I am supported by parents and teachers' organizations.
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