1998 California General Election
Candidate Statements
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Candidate Photo Gloria Matta Tuchman P.O. Box 1652
Tustin, CA 92680
(714) 862-4155
I believe in safe schools, where students can learn and parents do not worry about guns, knives and drugs on the school grounds. I believe schools should have qualified teachers teaching, in English, a strong back-to-basics curriculum in reading, writing, science and math. I want all students to have textbooks and access to modern technology. I've long been an advocate of class size reduction, proponent of a longer school year and an opponent of social promotion. I believe our schools top priority should be to prepare students to compete in the workplace. I want our graduates to be capable of completing job applications; or starting college without being forced into remedial courses. I support statewide testing in English to determine what works in our schools, and what doesn't work so we know what to change. For 33 years I have been an educator. Elected to the Tustin Board of Education twice, I also served as its President. I served on three presidential education reform boards and was Co-Chairman of Proposition 227, the "English for the Children" initiative. I believe California's Department of Education should be accountable to parents and taxpayers for the quality of education our children receive.
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Candidate Photo Delaine Eastin 965 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 512-1032
As a former teacher and businesswoman, I know what works in the classroom and how to get results. That's why I fought the Governor and the Legislature to get smaller classes and higher standards. I pushed for character education in our classrooms. Our children need to learn discipline, responsibility and respect. That's why I support a zero tolerance policy for kids involved in drugs or gangs. And that's why I pushed for a new statewide testing system for students and tougher standards for beginning teachers. School reform can succeed, but not if we fail to raise school funding. Right now, California is dead last in funding per pupil among the 10 largest states. That's a disgrace and I need your help to change it. Yes, too many of California's public schools are failing our children. We need fundamental change, but we cannot sell out or sell off the public schools. Please join the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, Senator Dianne Feinstein, teachers, high tech leaders, and the American Association of University Women in supporting me and my fight to give our kids the quality education they deserve.
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