1998 California Primary Election
Candidate Statements
  • As the state's chief executive officer, oversees most state departments and agencies and appoints judges.
  • Proposes new laws and approves or vetoes legislation.
  • Prepares and submits annual state budget.
  • Responsible for mobilizing and directing state resources during emergencies.
Candidate Photo Steve W. Kubby
P.O. Box 2025
Olympic Valley, CA 96146
(530) 581-4757
As a publisher, author and community leader, I've listened carefully to the voice of the people and I know what Californians really want. My goal as Governor is to address the problems of education, crime and safety, and medical rights. To that end, I've worked with world leaders and public officials on a broad range of health and safety issues. My concern for the medical rights of Californians led me to play a key role in the successful Proposition 215 campaign. I am a serious candidate who offers you a new choice--instead of continuing the same old failed policies.
Web Site:
Candidate Photo Gray Davis
9911 West Pico Blvd., Suite 980
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 201-0344
As Governor, my top priority will be dramatically improving our public schools . As a principled Democrat, I'll protect a woman's right to choose , the environment and equal opportunity . I'm pro-death penalty . I will hold government accountable . As State Controller, I withheld paychecks from all state officials--including myself --until the Legislature passed the budget. I've been proud to serve you as Acting Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Controller, Assemblyman, Governor's Chief of Staff, and a U.S. Army Captain in Vietnam. As Governor, I won't have to learn on the job . I've gained invaluable experience to lead California into the next century.
Web Site: www.gray-davis.com
Candidate Photo Dan Hamburg
P.O. Box 3727
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 44GREEN
Let's tax what we want to be rid of, like pollution and waste, and not tax what we want to encourage, like a paycheck. The California economy is booming yet millions of our children grow up in poverty, and for most of us, paying the bills is a monthly challenge. What's wrong here? Let's make our public schools gleam at least as bright as our shopping malls. Better schools will result in lower law enforcement and social welfare costs. I am a husband, father and grandfather, a former member of Congress, county supervisor, and teacher. I ask for your vote.
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Candidate Photo Jane Harman
P.O. Box 843
Torrance, CA 90508
(310) 224-5000
I grew up in California and attended public schools when they were great. Half my career has been in the private sector; the other half dedicated to public service, as chief counsel to a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, Deputy Cabinet Secretary to President Carter, and three-term Member of Congress from California. I am a mother of four, pro-choice and pro-death penalty. As Governor, my agenda will continue to be restoring excellence in our schools, the safety of our homes and schools, creating good jobs, and health care that serves patients first. It's time to believe in California, again.
Web Site: www.harman.org
Candidate Photo Eduardo M. Rivera
7404 Pico Vista Rd.
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
(310) 530-4161
Born 8/18/43, in an adobe house my father built in Cochise County, Arizona, I taught myself Spanish before starting school in 1948. I learned to read and write English in Compton City Schools. I have degrees from UCLA Law School, 1971; CSULA, 1968, Government: Public Service and was elected Graduate Class President. For 25 years I solved the legal problems of the poor and obscure and helped to immigrate and naturalize thousands of people. The solution to the personal income tax is education. I will show you what Government hasn't, can't and won't teach you about taxation and your Liberty.
Web Site:
Candidate Photo Marsha Feinland
Peace and Freedom
1801-A Cedar Street
Berkeley, CA 94703-1131
(510) 845-7251
I am a teacher, a parent, and an elected member of the Berkeley Rent Board. The people of California need secure, well-paying jobs with a shorter work week; free, quality health care; a guaranteed income for children and families; and affordable housing. Our school system should teach and nurture our children instead of just testing them. We need to restore the renters' tax credit, end sales taxes, and put steeper taxes on higher incomes and corporations. We must preserve our forests, air and water. Working people must take control of public policy away from corporations and the wealthy.
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Candidate Photo Jeff Williams
8836 Eucalyptus Ave.
California City, CA 93505
(760) 373-8331
I am married with four children. I earned my BA in Management and I will receive my MBA through the University of Phoenix in November of 1998. I am currently a classroom volunteer, science fair team coach, and PTO President for our local elementary school, a Den Leader and a Cubmaster. I am a United Way volunteer, union member, and a member of Women In Mining. I am a working family man concerned with family issues. We need to protect and strengthen the family unit, get involved with our children's activities, and focus our resources on improving our education system.
Web Site:
Candidate Photo Charles "Chuck" Pineda Jr.
P.O. Box 277605
Sacramento, CA 95827-7605
(916) 383-4700
Californians, in the past, 453,341 Democrats have given me their vote. I believe that if you know my platform objectives, I will earn your vote! My platform objectives are: The 32 hour work week (cuts commuter gridlock); crime prevention; phonics based education; establishing desalination plants to produce water and create jobs; ensure protection for farm workers; equal educational and job opportunities; legislative reform (three months each)--people, business, resolve conflicts; assist the elderly and homeless. Currently, I serve you as a Representative on the Youthful Offender Parole Board. I am Harvard trained and want to be your next Governor.
E-Mail: wshepp@ns.net
Candidate Photo Michael Palitz
P.O. Box 15902
Newport Beach, CA 92659
(714) 654-3515
I will divert funds to Substantially Increase the salaries of Teachers, Law Enforcement, Fire and Marine services, and all public workers salaries and benefits upon election. We will work together to restructure pay scales, benefit packages, and cost of living increases to insure that those working for the good of the public are well compensated in a fair and dignified manner. We can all agree that our children and grandchildrens future depend on the decisions we make today. Let's work together to give those working so hard to insure our childrens safety and education standards a lifestyle boost, well deserved.
Candidate Photo Dennis Peron
1444 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 621-3986
I wrote Proposition 215 (medical marijuana); you made it law. Together we created a more compassionate society. From serving my country in Vietnam to caring for my partner in the AIDS epidemic, my life's been touched by history. As governor I'll protect women's choice, champion minorities' rights, and preserve our children's greatest heritage, the natural environment. I'll eliminate sales tax, small business taxes, corporate welfare. I'll raise the minimum wage and assure every Californian employment, housing, transportation. Violent criminals will be guaranteed prison cells. I'll provide children schools, books, computers, innovative after school programs. Fuerza a travez de la diversidad .
Web Site:
Candidate Photo Al Checchi
5757 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 481
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(213) 930-2545
I'm a businessman, not a career politician. I believe it's time for real world experience and new ideas to prepare California for the 21st Century. Let's cut state bureaucracy 10% and put the savings into education; test teachers for competency; end social promotion and expand after-school programs. Let's expand the death penalty to serial rapists and repeat child molesters. Let's add 10,000 police, prosecute gangs as criminal conspiracies and enforce zero tolerance for domestic violence. Let's cut taxes and reform HMO's with a Patient's Bill of Rights. Let's start using real world experience to solve real world problems.
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Candidate Photo James D. Crawford
P.O. Box 3697
Ventura, CA 93006
(805) 383-6115
As a thirty year California resident, both my family and business life have benefited from the many resources and opportunities available in California. Success professionally and seeing my children establish themselves in positive and productive ways demonstrates that prosperity is possible for all. I'm not a career politician, but a businessman desiring a chance to repay California by offering grass roots advice, leadership and a common sense approach to managing the State. My main goal for California is real growth, manifested by strong cooperation between government and the private sector for job training, employment, education, operational efficiency and tax incentives.
Web Site: www.crawford4gov.com
Candidate Photo Harold H. Bloomfield
Natural Law
(619) 481-9950
Natural law provides practical, prevention-oriented solutions to our social, health, and environmental problems. I am a Yale-trained psychiatrist, specializing in integrative psychiatry and natural medicine and frequently speak at conferences worldwide. My work has been featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, and Larry King, as well as Time, Newsweek, and People Magazine. I have authored 17 books, several of them international bestsellers, including Healing Anxiety with Herbs, Hypericum (St. John's Wort) & Depression, How to Survive the Loss of a Love, and TM-Transcendental Meditation. I am happily married with three children, ages 14 to 26.
Web Site:
Candidate Photo Nathan E. Johnson
American Independent
P.O. Box 880896
San Diego, CA 92168-0896
(619) 297-7808
I am pro-life. As Governor I will work to end abortion in California. Since 1972 I have worked for San Diego Transit belonging to Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1309. I understand the struggle of working people in this state as they try to make ends meet. Living near the international border for 39 years has made me familiar with the problems of that relationship. I am pro-Second Amendment, pro-death penalty, pro-restitution, and pro-quality education. As Governor I will appoint people who uphold the American Independent Party principles of limited government and individual responsibility.
Candidate Photo Pia Jensen
P.O. Box 635
Cotati, CA 94931
(707) 664-9754
Californians are ready for a visionary leader who understands the core issues. Diversity in ethnicity and inequities in education are two of the issues I am prepared to deal with. The condition of our environment is also one of my main issues that I will handle in a proactive manner. Each of these issues can be dealt with by focussing on the core challenge--reinstituting personal and community worth. It is time to place value and responsibility back into society through education, employment training, habitat restoration and accountability. I have the experience, skills and knowledge to achieve these ends.
Web Site: www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/8436
Candidate Photo Gloria Estela LaRiva
Peace and Freedom
2489 Mission St., Room 28
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 826-4828
My campaign will mobilize against attacks on immigrant and welfare rights, affirmative action and all workers. NO on the Unz antibilingual education initiative! Jobs and education for youth, not jails. Stop building prisons. Defend Native sovereignty. Save Headwaters forest and Ward Valley. As a Latina, community, and labor activist, I fight for jobs, housing, healthcare, education, childcare for all, and against racism, sexism, and anti-lesbian/gay bigotry. I've organized for immigrant and farmworker rights. Tax corporations, not workers. Stop attacks on unions. I oppose U.S. intervention, and blockades of Cuba and Iraq. We need socialism, not capitalism.
Web Site:
Candidate Photo Dan Lungren
717 K Street, Suite 320
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-2115
I felt fortunate to grow up in California. With support of my family, my Catholic faith and a sound education, I knew California promised unlimited opportunity. I want that same opportunity for all. As Attorney General, working with law enforcement, we have lowered the crime rate 30%. Tough laws, common sense judges, the death penalty and real prevention replaced failed policies that blamed society for crime. As Governor, I intend to continue this progress and bring similar attention to education reform. Bold change--including parental choice--is key to building a safer and stronger California. Together, we can do it.
Web Site: www.LungrenforGovernor.org
The order of the candidates was determined by random alphabet drawing. Statements on this page were supplied by the candidates and have not been checked for accuracy by any official agency. Submission of statements was voluntary. Candidates who did not submit statements could otherwise be qualified to appear on the ballot.