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Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed
Protection, and Flood Protection Bond Act.
Rebuttal to Argument Against Proposition 13

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They don't understand.

The signers of the opposition arguments don't seem to understand California water needs.

The need to improve water infrastructure.

They seem unaware of the strains population and age have placed on the water infrastructure constructed by Governors Pat Brown and Ronald Reagan.

The need for new water.

They seem unacquainted with the Department of Water Resources' serious warning about statewide shortages of clean, reliable drinking water--or that the bond creates enough new water for 8 million people.

The need for clean water.

They misjudge "local projects" that, in fact, stop sewage discharges now flowing directly into rivers that 20 million Californians use for their water supply.


1. Californians need Prop 13's clean drinking water programs.

2. We have always used bonds to fund infrastructure programs like these.

3. This bond is fiscally prudent. Its matching provisions will also significantly increase private sector and federal water revenue coming into our state.

4. Prop 13 has the strictest provisions ever placed in a California bond to slash administrative costs. Governor Davis will also conduct public audits.

5. The California Taxpayers' Association says if we don't act NOW, the cost will be far higher in the future.

"Prop 13 is the responsible way to protect our drinking water. It's vital to our families, economy and public health."-- Senator Jim Costa, Chairman, Senate Agriculture and Water Resources Committee.#roman#

Please vote for Proposition 13. Without it, we all face a very uncertain water future.
President, California Taxpayers' Association

Jim Costa
Chairman, Senate Agriculture and Water Resources Committee

Michael J. Machado
Chairman, Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee
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