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Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed
Protection, and Flood Protection Bond Act.
Argument in Favor of Proposition 13

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Safe drinking water.
We can't live without it. And we can't take it for granted.
That's why Proposition 13 is so important.

The California Department of Water Resources predicts major shortages of pollution-free water. Its official five-year forecast says existing water management options won't fix the problem.

Clean drinking water.

Proposition 13 makes our drinking water safer. It fights groundwater contamination; repairs corroded water pipes and sewer systems; eliminates pollution sources and protects the watersheds that provide our drinking water.

More water.

Proposition 13 reverses a 20-year trend of decreased water supply and protects us, especially during droughts.

This water bond is necessary.

It produces enough new water to meet the needs of 8 million Californians by increasing underground storage and by promoting better conservation, recycling and water management.

Proposition 13 lays the foundation for a lasting water solution without new taxes.

It is strongly supported by Democrats and Republicans, business and labor, the agricultural and environmental communities and California's water providers.

Proposition 13 is:

SAFE DRINKING WATER--It helps meet safe drinking water standards to protect public health.

POLLUTION CONTROL--It fights pollution in lakes and rivers and along our coast; protects water quality from pesticides and agricultural drainage; improves water treatment plants, cleans up urban streams and controls seawater intrusion into clean water supplies.

VITAL WATER SUPPLY--It provides new water through conservation, recycling, underground storage and better use of reservoirs.

FLOOD PROTECTION--It will protect lives, avert billions of dollars in property damage and prevent massive disruption of clean water supplies for families and businesses throughout California.

FISH AND WILDLIFE--Wetlands and other natural habitats are protected, including the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the source of drinking water for 22 million Californians.

FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE--This is a wise investment for safe drinking water and against water shortages. It is fiscally responsible, does not raise taxes, qualifies California for new federal funds and limits administrative costs. If we don't act NOW, the cost will be far higher in the future.

"Every California community needs clean, reliable water. Without Proposition 13, we all face a very uncertain water future."--Assemblyman Michael J. Machado, Chairman, Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife

Join the diverse coalition of Californians supporting this water bond:
Association of California Water Agencies
The Nature Conservancy
California Chamber of Commerce
Agricultural Council of California
Audubon Society
League of Women Voters
California Business Roundtable
National Wildlife Federation
California Manufacturers Association
Planning and Conservation League
California State Association of Counties
California State Council of Laborers
Southern California Water Committee
Northern California Water Association
Please vote to protect our quality of life by supporting Proposition 13, the safe drinking water bond and Proposition 12, the parks bond. These measures work together for our economy, our environment and our families' health. We need your YES vote on Propositions 12 and 13.
Governor Gray Davis

Allan Zaremberg
President, California Chamber of Commerce

Leslie Friedman Johnson
Water Program Director, The Nature Conservancy
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