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President of the United States


*Bill Clinton for President
Al Gore for Vice President
11100 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 1900
Los Angeles, CA 90025-3384
Phone: (310) 444-1825


Bob Dole for President
Jack Kemp for Vice President
810 First Street, Northeast, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 414-6400

American Independent

Howard Phillips for President
Herbert W. Titus for Vice President
9520 Bent Creek Lane
Vienna, VA 22182
Phone: (703) 893-2777


Ralph Nader for President
Winona Laduke for Vice President
P.O. Box 19367
Washington, DC 20036


Harry Browne for President
Jo Jorgensen for Vice President
4094 Majestic Lane, Suite 240
Fairfax, VA 22033

Natural Law

John Hagelin for President
Mike Tompkins for Vice President
51 West Washington Street
Fairfield, IA 52556
Phone: (800) 515-1008

Peace & Freedom

Marsha Feinland for President
Kate McClatchy for Vice President
1801 A Cedar Street
Berkeley, CA 94707


Ross Perot for President
James Campbell for Vice President
P.O. Box 96
Dallas, TX 75221
Phone: (310) 826-5224