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General Election
November 5, 1996

Welcome Message

Brief Summary of the Measures

Bond Acts
Put on the Ballot by the Legislature

Proposition 204
Safe, Clean, Reliable, Water Supply Act.

Proposition 205
Youthful and Adult Offender Local Facilities Bond Act 1996.

Proposition 206
Veterans' Bond Act of 1996.

Initiative Constitutional Amendments and Statutes
Put on the Ballot by Petition Signatures

Proposition 207
Attorneys. Fees. Right to Negotiate. Frivilous Lawsuits.

Proposition 208
Campaign Contributions and Spending Limits. Restricts Lobbyists.

Proposition 209
Prohibition Against Discrimination or Preferential Treatment by State and Other Public Entities.

Proposition 210
Minimum Wage Increase.

Proposition 211
Attorney-Client Fee Arrangements. Securities Fraud. Lawsuits.

Proposition 212
Campaign Contributions and Spending Limits. Repeals Gifts and Honoraria Limits. Restricts Lobbyists.

Proposition 213
Limitation on Recovery to Felons, Uninsured Motorists, Drunk Drivers.

Proposition 214
Health Care. Consumer Protection.

Proposition 215
Medical Use of Marijuana.

Proposition 216
Health Care. Consumer Protection. Taxes on Corporate Restructuring.

Proposition 217
Top Income Tax Brackets. Reinstatement. Revenues to Local Agencies.

Proposition 218
Voter Approval for Local Government Taxes. Limitations on Fees, Assessments, and Charges.

An Overview of State Bond Debt

Political Party Statements of Purpose