1998 California General Election
Welcome Message
California Seal
Secretary of State

Dear Voter:

   In just two years, California will celebrate the 150th anniversary of our statehood. On November 3rd, you can honor the hard work and sacrifices made by California's early pioneers by going to the polls and casting your ballot. The leaders you select and the policy decisions you make all play a critical role in forging California's future. These decisions are in your hands.

    This revamped Voter Information Guide and Ballot Pamphlet was designed to provide you with the materials you need to make informed decisions. It contains comprehensive summaries, legislative analyses and arguments on 10 ballot propositions as well as statements from the candidates who will appear on the November ballot.

    At your request, we have added a new section this year to provide you with information on judicial retention elections. In this Guide, you can find factual, biographical data on the four Supreme Court justices seeking your approval to remain on the Court. Additionally, we have compiled a Judicial Information Packet, which explains how judicial retention elections are conducted and information on the appellate court justices who will appear on ballots throughout the state. To obtain your copy of the packet, please call 1-800-345-VOTE or access our Internet site at www.sos.ca.gov.

    We've expanded our Internet site to provide you with as much information as you need . . . and more! This election you'll also be able to log on and track the money trail as last minute political contributions and, for the first time ever, candidates' campaign finance reports are posted on the Internet! For friends and family who have not yet registered to vote, voter registration forms are also available in both English and Spanish.

    On Election Day, our Internet site can help you find your polling place location, with links to local county web sites just a mouse-click away. And once you've cast your ballot on Election Day, you can log back on to the Internet site for Live election results as soon as the polls close!

    The Secretary of State's office is committed to raising the level of voter involvement in California. Through public-private partnerships we have created more opportunities for citizens to register and vote than ever before. But registering to vote is only half the equation. We are also committed to increasing the number of voters who turn out to vote on Election Day through innovative programs and public service announcements. If you have any suggestions for helping us improve voter registration and turnout, please call the Secretary of State's Voter Registration and Election Fraud Hot-Line at 1-800-345-VOTE or send your suggestion by email to BJones@sos.ca.gov.

    While we pursue 100 percent participation, we also maintain a strict zero tolerance policy for any incidence of fraud. If you believe you have witnessed election fraud, tampering or other election-related irregularities, please promptly report it either to our hot-line or to your county district attorney.

    As we prepare to honor California's rich history during our sesquicentennial celebration, please remember that your vote today not only plays a critical role in shaping California's future, it becomes an important part of the history of tomorrow. Please don't forget to vote!