1998 California General Election
Voter Information Guide/Ballot Pamphlet
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Ballot Measures

Brief Summary of the Measures

Proposition 1A
Class Size Reduction Kindergarten-University
Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 1998.

Proposition 1
Property Taxes: Contaminated Property.

Proposition 2
Transportation: Funding.

Proposition 3
Partisan Presidential Primary Elections.

Proposition 4
Trapping Practices. Bans Use of Specified Traps and Animal Poisons.

Proposition 5
Tribal-State Gaming Compacts. Tribal Casinos.

Proposition 6
Criminal Law. Prohibition on Slaughter of Horses and Sale of Horsemeat for Human Consumption.

Proposition 7
Air Quality Improvement. Tax Credits.

Proposition 8
Public Schools. Permanent Class Size Reduction. Parent-Teacher Councils. Teacher Credentialing. Pupil Suspension for Drug Possession. Chief Inspector's Office.

Proposition 9
Electric Utilities. Assessments. Bonds.

Proposition 10
State and County Early Childhood Development Programs. Additional Tobacco Surtax.

Proposition 11
Local Sales and Use Taxes--Revenue Sharing.

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