Libertarian Party

If you are socially tolerant and fiscally responsible, then you're a libertarian.

Libertarian solutions are the most practical, workable, and fair for strengthening our economy and governing our state. If they had been implemented during the last ten years, California would have a robust economy and desirable living conditions based on:

  • Thriving private enterprises
  • Parental choice in educating their children
  • Competitive private healthcare insurance
  • Public pensions that don't bankrupt local and district governments
  • Laws that apply to all Californians equally, including California's elected officials

Libertarians work to:

  • Shrink government operations, thus reducing government expenses and lowering taxes (there are over 300 tax-supported government agencies that can be closed without endangering government operation, public safety, education, healthcare, and retirement)
  • Reform public employee pensions that are bankrupting cities, counties and the state
  • Privatize government services that are best delivered by cost-effective providers
  • Promote private business development that creates jobs
  • Guarantee equal treatment under the law for all Californians
  • Regulate marijuana like wine for adults, making it less available to minors
  • Adopt a part-time Legislature

Libertarian Party candidates will make these reforms if you support and elect them.

Libertarian Party of California
Kevin Takenaga, Chairman
770 L Street, Suite 950
Sacramento, CA 95814-3361
(916) 446-1776

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