Healthcare Insurance. Rate Changes. Initiative Statute.


Put on the Ballot by Petition Signatures

Requires Insurance Commissioner's approval before health insurer can change its rates or anything else affecting the charges associated with health insurance. Provides for public notice, disclosure, and hearing, and subsequent judicial review. Exempts employer large group health plans. Fiscal Impact: Increased state administrative costs to regulate health insurance, likely not exceeding the low millions of dollars annually in most years, funded from fees paid by health insurance companies.

What Your Vote Means

YES A YES vote on this measure means: Rates for individual and small group health insurance would need to be approved by the Insurance Commissioner before taking effect.

NO A NO vote on this measure means: State regulators would continue to have the authority to review, but not approve, rates for individual and small group health insurance.



PRO Californians are being overcharged for health insurance. Prop. 45 will stop the price gouging by requiring health insurance companies to be transparent and publicly justify rates before premiums can increase. The same regulation of auto insurance has saved drivers billions. Sponsors: Consumer Watchdog, California Nurses Association. Opponents: health insurance companies.

CON Prop. 45 is a power grab by special interests to take control over health care benefits and rates from California's successful new independent commission—and give it to one Sacramento politician instead. Higher costs, more bureaucracy. Political interference with treatment options. Exempts big corporations. Nurses, doctors, consumers say vote No!

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No on 45—Californians
Against Higher Health Care
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