Peace and Freedom Party

The Peace and Freedom Party is a working class party in a country run by and for the wealthy and their corporations. We should not have to sacrifice our health, our livelihoods, and our planet for billionaires' profits. Tax the rich, whose wealth is created by workers, to pay for people's needs.

Our Goals:

Social justice & equality: •Free universal health care for all. •Free education for everyone, preschool through university. •Full immigrant rights; no deportations. •End homelessness, housing for all. •Jobs or Income; labor rights for all. •End racism, LGBTQ and women's oppression, and all discrimination. •Comprehensive services for disabled people.

Environment: •Reverse Climate change. •Restore and protect the environment.

Justice reform: •Abolish the death penalty. •Stop police abuse and prison torture.

Peace: •No U.S. wars, sanctions, or coups. •No foreign bases.

Democracy: •Repeal California's "top two" election law. •Implement proportional representation.

While capitalism puts the wealthy first, we will continue to suffer war, police brutality, low wages, unsafe workplaces, and pollution. We advocate socialism: the ownership and democratic control of the economy by the people. By taking control of our industries and natural resources, we can make progress for the common good.

Register Peace and Freedom Party!

Peace and Freedom Party
P.O. Box 24764
Oakland, CA 94623
(510) 465-9414

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