(Voters not affiliated with a political party)


If you are registered to vote with a political party, you may only vote at this presidential primary election for the candidates running for office from the party with which you are registered and for and against measures. However, if you did not select a political party when you registered to vote, some of the political parties will allow you to vote for their candidates anyway. If you are not registered with a political party, upon request you can vote a ballot of any political party that has notified the Secretary of State that it will permit decline-to-state registered voters to help nominate their candidates.

The following political parties are allowing voters who are not registered with a political party to request and vote their party's ballot at the February 5, 2008, Presidential Primary Election:

You may NOT request more than one party's ballot. If you do not request a specific ballot, you will be given a nonpartisan ballot containing only the names of candidates for nonpartisan offices and the measures to be voted upon at the February 5, 2008, Presidential Primary Election.

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