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Democrats believe the success of our economy is rooted in the well-being of working families, not on Wall Street.

President Obama's strong leadership and unwavering commitment to the American middle class allowed our nation to meet its challenges head on, even when others were calling on government to do nothing.

Instead of letting the American auto industry go bankrupt, President Obama and Democrats stepped forward to save jobs and an entire industry.

Instead of allowing health care costs to continue to rise, President Obama and Democrats in Congress passed historic health reform, protecting health care for those who have it and extending coverage to many more.

We believe that schools and local public safety are important priorities that must be protected.

And we believe that our democratic system thrives only when all Americans have a voice in the process, not when billionaires and corporate interests enjoy special exemptions that allow them to buy our elections.

With your help, Democrats will continue to develop bold, innovative solutions to our nation's challenges.

Please join us by re-electing President Obama and electing Democrats to Congress and the state Legislature to shift the power from Wall Street back to Main Street.

California Democratic Party
John L. Burton, Chairman
1401 21st Street #200
Sacramento, CA 95811

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