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Libertarian solutions are the most practical and workable for strengthening our economy and governing our state. If they had been employed during the last decade, our state would be strong and not in a deficit. Thus, Libertarians work to:

  • Reduce government spending;
  • Reform public employee pensions, which are bankrupting cities, counties and the state;
  • Promote private business development, which will create jobs;
  • Privatize government services that are best delivered by cost-effective providers;
  • Guarantee equal treatment under the law for all Californians;
  • Regulate marijuana like wine for adults, thus making it less available to minors; and
  • Adopt a part-time Legislature.

The Libertarian Party has candidates who will make these reforms, such as our Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, but first they need your support in this upcoming election.

Libertarian Party of California
Kevin Takenaga, Chairman
770 L Street, Suite 950
Sacramento, CA 95814-3361
(916) 446-1776, Extension 6

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