1998 California Primary Election
Political Party Statements of Purpose
Green Party
The Green Party believes that California needs a new political vision. Politics in California have become unresponsive to the needs, desires and well-being of the public. The Green Party seeks a vision that rises above cynicism or greed. We recognize and value the common good, and seek to promote the long-term advantage of all people of this state.

We believe that the issues facing all of us are connected:

The need for fairness for people and local communities in developing economic opportunities, instead of continually favoring big corporations and other concentrations of wealth and power; and a fair, equitable, progressive tax system.

Balancing the needs of the present with concern for the kind of world we are leaving for future generations, through a true understanding of how we are affecting our environment.

Food, air, water and land must be clean and safe.

There must be universal access to education and health care. The recognition of the sanctity of life, while defending women's right to choose.

Improving democracy in our political system by increasing fairness in our elections through proportional representation and by reforming how campaigns are financed.

1008 10th Street, #482
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 448-3437
E-Mail: gpca@greens.org
Web Site: http://www.greens.org/california/
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