1998 California Primary Election
Voter Information Guide/Ballot Pamphlet
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Voter Information

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Description of State Measures

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Please note that Proposition 219 is the first proposition for this election. To avoid confusion with past measures, the Legislature passed a law which requires propositions to be numbered consecutively starting with the next number after those used in the November 1982 General Election. This numbering scheme will begin again with Proposition 1 in the November 3, 1998 General Election.
Ballot Measures

Brief Summary of the Measures

Legislative Constitutional Amendments

Proposition 219
Ballot Measures. Application

Proposition 220
Courts. Superior and Municipal Court Consolidation.

Proposition 221
Subordinate Judicial Officers. Discipline.

Legislative Initiative Amendment

Proposition 222
Murder. Peace Officer Victim. Sentence Credits.

Initiative Constitutional Amendments and Statutes

Proposition 223
Schools. Spending Limits on Administration.

Proposition 224
State-Funded Design and Engineering Services.

Proposition 225
Limiting Congressional Terms. Proposed U.S. Constitutional Amendment.

Proposition 226
Political Contributions by Employees, Union Members, Foreign Entities.

Proposition 227
English Language in Public Schools.

Certified List of Candidates

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Explanation of the Open Primary Law


Candidate Statements

U.S. Senate


Lieutenant Governor

Secretary of State



Attorney General

Insurance Commissioner

Superintendent of Public Instruction