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Make Your Voice Heard California Statewide November 2, 2004 General Election
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Prepared by the Attorney General

Proposition 69

DNA Samples. Collection. Database. Funding.
Initiative Statute.

  • Requires collection of DNA samples from all felons, and from adults and juveniles arrested for or charged with specified crimes, and submission to state DNA database; and; in five years, from adults arrested for or charged with any felony.
  • Authorizes local law enforcement laboratories to perform analyses for state database and maintain local database.
  • Specifies procedures for confidentiality and removing samples from databases.
  • Imposes additional monetary penalty upon certain fines/forfeitures to fund program.
  • Designates California Department of Justice to implement program, subject to available moneys: Authorizes $7,000,000 loan from Legislature for implementation.

Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact:

  • Net state costs to collect and analyze DNA samples of potentially several million dollars initially, increasing to nearly $20 million annually when the costs are fully realized in 2009-10.
  • Local costs to collect DNA samples likely more than fully offset by revenues, with the additional revenues available for other DNA-related activities.

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