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 Transportation. Distribution of Existing Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax. Initiative Statute.
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Put on the Ballot by Petition Signatures

Redistributes portion of existing state motor vehicle sales/lease revenues from General Fund to Trust Fund for transportation, environmental, and highway and school bus safety programs. Fiscal Impact: Redirects specified General Fund revenues to transportation-related purposes, totaling about $420 million in 2002–03, $910 million in 2003–04, and increasing amounts annually thereafter, depending on increases in motor vehicle sales and leasing.

What Your Vote Means


A YES vote on this measure means: Thirty percent of the General Fund revenues generated from the sales tax on the lease and sale of motor vehicles could be used only for state and local transportation-related purposes, instead of being available for programs funded by the General Fund.

A NO vote on this measure means: These revenues would continue to be available for General Fund supported programs rather than only for state and local transportation-related purposes.



YES on 51 dedicates EXISTING vehicle sales taxes to repair unsafe roads and highways, replace unsafe school buses, and make walk paths to school safer for children. Includes tough audit requirements. Endorsed by California Transit Association, Lung Association, Nurses Association, Safe Kids Network, firefighters, and Police Chief Arturo Venegas.

In a time of continuing budget deficits, Proposition 51 adds $1 billion to the deficit every year for special interest projects. It gives your tax dollars to campaign contributors, not California’s priorities. Don’t force cuts in vital services or require tax increases. Vote NO ON 51!

For Additional Information


Eddy Moore
YES on 51—Citizens for Traffic Safety
926 J Street #612
Sacramento, CA 95814

David Kersten
California Tax Reform Association
926 J Street, Suite 710
Sacramento, CA 95814
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