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 Before and After School Programs.
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Increases state grant funds available for before/after school programs, providing tutoring, homework assistance, and educational enrichment. Requires that, beginning 2004–05, new grants will not be taken from education funds guaranteed by Proposition 98. Fiscal Impact: Additional annual state costs for before and after school programs of up to $455 million, beginning in 2004–05.

What Your Vote Means


A YES vote on this measure means: The state would provide additional funding of up to $455 million to before and after school programs.

A NO vote on this measure means: Funding for before and after school programs would continue to depend on annual legislative action.



Major university studies show after-school programs reduce gang activity, drugs and juvenile incarceration while protecting kids, improving grades, saving taxpayers $3 for every $1 invested through reduced costs for juvenile crime, grade repetition, and remedial education. Proposition 49 endorsements: California Taxpayers’ Association, Teachers Association, PTA, Sheriffs, AARP, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Proposition 49 would unfairly take one program with a powerful sponsor and guarantee its funding every year. It would fall outside the budget process—even in tough economic times when it might take money away from more critical needs like environmental protection, health care, public safety and other children’s programs.

For Additional Information


Citizens for After School Programs
3110 Main Street #210
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Trudy Schafer
League of Women Voters of California
926 J Street, Suite 515
Sacramento, CA 95814
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