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 California Official Voter Information Guide  Primary Election Date - Tuesday March 5, 2002
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 Election Day Voter Registration. Voter Fraud Penalties. Initiative Statute.
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Under current law, Californians who want to vote in an upcoming election must register with county elections officials by the 15th day before the election.

Election Day Registration. This measure allows eligible citizens, upon presenting proof of current residence, to register up to and including election day. Under the measure, citizens registering on or after the 28th day before an election must do so at the county elections office, or at a polling place on election day. Local elections officials must provide a separate area and at least one trained staff member at each polling place for election day voter registration. Additionally, the Secretary of State must include information about election day voter registration as part of all voter education efforts.

Election Day Registration Fund. This measure establishes the “Election Day Registration Fund” within the State Treasury. Each year, approximately $6 million would be deposited into this fund from the state’s General Fund and distributed to counties for their costs of election day voter registration including hiring and training additional personnel, providing voter registration materials, and expanding voter outreach programs. Counties receiving money from the fund would be required to submit an annual report identifying their expenditures.

Increased Penalties for Voter Fraud. This measure increases the penalties for fraudulent registration or voting activity. It also creates a new crime of conspiracy of two or more people who commit specified election fraud, punishable by imprisonment in state prison.

This measure annually appropriates $6 million (adjusted for cost-of-living increases) from the state’s General Fund for the county costs of election day voter registration activities. As a result, no net costs to counties are anticipated.

The Secretary of State would incur minor costs to carry out the requirements of this measure. The state also would incur, unknown, but probably minor, criminal justice costs for individuals who commit a newly established election fraud offense.

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