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 California Official Voter Information Guide  Primary Election Date - Tuesday March 5, 2002
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 Election Day Voter Registration. Voter Fraud Penalties. Initiative Statute.
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   Official Title and Summary
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 Official Title and Summary
Prepared by the Attorney General

Election Day Voter Registration. Voter Fraud Penalties. Initiative Statute.
  • Allows persons who are legally eligible to vote and have valid identification to register to vote on election day at their polling place.
  • Increases criminal penalty for voter and voter registration fraud.
  • Criminalizes conspiracy to commit voter fraud.
  • Requires trained staff at polling places to manage election day registration, creates fund to implement measure, including training and providing personnel for election day registration.
  • Allows persons to register or reregister during 28 days preceding election day at local election offices.
  • Provides more time to county election officials to prepare voter registration lists.

Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government
Fiscal Impact:

  • Annual state costs of about $6 million to fund counties for election day voter registration activities, thereby resulting in no anticipated net county cost.
  • Minor state administrative costs and unknown, but probably minor, state costs to enforce a new election fraud offense.
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