Attorney General

  • As the state's chief law officer, ensures that the laws of the state are uniformly and adequately enforced.
  • Heads the Department of Justice, which is responsible for providing state legal services and support for local law enforcement.
  • Acts as the chief legal counsel in state litigation.
  • Oversees law enforcement agencies, including county district attorneys and sheriffs.

  • No Party Preference
  • 29839 Santa Margarita, Ste. 100
  • Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. is both a licensed attorney and a licensed doctor in CA, a businesswoman, a wife of 27 years, and a mother of 3 sons. Taitz is seeking to uphold constitutional and civil rights of Californians. As an AG, Taitz will do the following: nullification of unconstitutional NSA spying on law abiding citizens of CA; nullification of use by NSA of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and others as a tool in unconstitutional data gathering on citizens of CA, as well as candidates for office, elected officials, and judges; nullification of an unconstitutional discriminatory Obamacare tax levied on some of the citizens of CA and waived for corporations; homeowner and creditor assistance from recovered mortgage proceeds instead of funneling funds to cronies, targeted extortion, and shake downs; nullification of EPA mandates which destroy businesses and agriculture in CA and deprive the state of water badly needed for farming; nullification in CA provisions of trade agreements, such as TPP, TAFTA, NAFTA, WTO-GATT, which deprive citizens of work and environmental protection, as well as jobs, wages, and benefits; nullification of NDAA provisions which allow indefinite incarceration without trial; nullification of unfunded federal mandates which bankrupt businesses and state; end elections fraud; remove invalid voter registrations from databases; seek legitimacy of candidates; prosecute state officials who ignored all evidence brought by law enforcement and experts, showing Obama to possess citizenship of Indonesia, fabricated Selective Service certificate, fabricated birth certificate and a CT Social Security number, which failed both E-verify and SSNVS.

  • Libertarian
  • 3200 E. 3rd St.
  • Los Angeles, CA 90063

Uphold the Bill of Rights, including 2nd Amendment. Protect our privacy. End marijuana prohibition. No death penalty. Prosecute police misconduct. End civil asset forfeiture.

  • Republican
  • 1400 Coleman Ave., Suite C-21
  • Santa Clara, CA 95050

Greetings! As you know, we need an Attorney General who will actively protect us against crime and defend our state's Constitution. California law requires its Attorney General to do these things. As Attorney General, John Haggerty will energetically: 1) fight any further delays in the use of our state's death penalty; 2) combat the current, unacceptable levels of violence and theft in our state, focusing on results, not excuses; 3) defend California's democratically enacted laws, including Propositions 8, 13, and 209, against all lawsuits; 4) oppose illegal immigration; 5) spearhead effective, statewide campaigns against shoplifting and aggressive vagrancy; 6) work closely with each government agency, and the public as a whole, to improve the administration of justice throughout our state; and 7) support the right of the people of California to form two new states—Northern California and Southern California—if they so choose. As a California attorney since 1987, and as a citizen, John Haggerty has worked hard to: preserve our state's death penalty as an effective deterrent against vicious killers; end reverse discrimination in our government; limit the terms of politicians; improve California's jury instructions; advance veterans' rights; expand parental choices in education; protect unborn children; and uphold marriage as the best means of providing children with the irreplaceable support of their father and mother. John Haggerty would be honored to further serve California. On June 3, 2014, please vote to elect John Haggerty Attorney General.

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