• As the state's chief executive officer, oversees most state departments and agencies and appoints judges.
  • Proposes new laws and approves or vetoes legislation.
  • Prepares and submits the annual state budget.
  • Mobilizes and directs state resources during emergencies.

  • No Party Preference
  • P.O. Box 8446
  • Redlands, CA 92375

I'm running for governor. I'm disgusted with corrupt, incompetent government's stealing and abuse; and with political parties that support it. California has the highest percentage of people living in poverty. Our unemployment and violent crime rates are above the national average; our tax rates among the highest in the nation; our schools among the worst. Furthermore, a crippling regulatory environment is eliminating businesses, thereby guaranteeing a dismal future. We deserve better. My platform—the California Revolution—protects state sovereignty, increases take home pay, saves pensions, returns schools to local control, gives farmers more water, cuts taxes, reduces regulations, restores constitutional rights—including gun rights—and makes government smaller, efficient, and less costly. I'm pro-God, pro-life, pro-family.

  • Republican
  • 5850 Oberlin Dr., Suite 240
  • San Diego, CA 92121

I'm a Patriot not a Politician. At 19 when I came to California with $300 in my pocket, California was the land of opportunity. The only limitation on your dreams was what you could imagine and how hard you were willing to work. Within a decade I married an amazing California girl, a widow with two young boys; together we raised 5 sons and started a successful manufacturing business. I served the community by conducting a Bible study and life skills course in a prison camp for 8 years. I was living the California dream until oppressive regulations drove my customers out of the state and regulated me out of business. An ever-increasing government has become the greatest threat to our future. I want my state back; I want my freedom back. I want a government that will control itself rather than try to control me. Here is the recipe for restoring opportunity for all Californians. As Governor, I will: Veto all new restrictions on your business, your freedom, and your constitutional civil rights. Never submit a budget that spends more than we take in. Treat jobs like we treat endangered species—protect them by any means necessary. Fight to lower tax rates for all hard-working Californians. End early prisoner release and protect the public from violent predators. Reform education by putting our kids first. When government increases, liberty contracts. When government grows, opportunity shrinks. Take a stand for California! Let's bring pride back to the state we love.

  • Green
  • P.O. Box 328
  • San Fernando, CA 91341

Imagine a new California. As governor I would curb corporate domination and align resources to end poverty; overhaul the costly and ineffective prison system with evidence-based healing, treatment, jobs training, and restorative justice practices; provide clean and green environment for everyone; free quality education and healthcare; and access to arts and culture in every neighborhood. It's possible: Healthy and thriving communities for all.

  • No Party Preference

Independent: Non partisan, Uniting Californians. “Bo,” Designer, builder, 35 years experience. Immigrated to California at age 10. Women's and minority rights. No fees for new businesses for first year. 25% fee reduction for existing businesses. Accelerate business investment depreciation by 50%. Reduce property tax 50%. Reduce building permits 50%. Repeal fire tax. Reduce college tuition 25%. Senior discount plan. Immigration Reform. Repeal train and water tunnel to solve water issue. More proposals:

  • Republican

  • Republican
  • 25473 Nellie Gail Road
  • Laguna Hills, CA 92653

I love California! Twenty years ago I moved to California with $17 and hope for a better life. California offered me the freedom to build a software business, raise a family, and serve as Mayor of the City of Laguna Hills. Each year, my wife Michelle and I put on the Blount Family Christmas Lights Show and tour thousands through our home, sharing stories of families, dreams, lives, and struggles. From agriculture to technology, much of what America holds dear begins here. California is different than other states. We dream it bigger, we grow it bigger, and we build it bigger. What I ask from you is no less. In that spirit, I have taken a different path . . . a Californian path. Throughout this election, I have not asked for your hard earned money, but only for your vote to elect me Governor. California is not for sale and neither is this election. If you believe that your income should grow faster than your expenses, then vote for me. If you believe that schools should teach employable skills, then vote for me. If you believe that college is too expensive, then vote for me. If you believe that all hard working women and men should have an equal opportunity to provide for their families and save enough for retirement, then vote for me. Be excited! All Californians have what it takes to realize the greatness inherent in each of us. Let's make prosperity today's reality.

  • No Party Preference
  • 316 Encino Lane, Unit A
  • San Clemente, CA 92672

As an independent, I am uniquely situated to work with leaders of both parties to put California back on the right track. By voting for me, you will send a strong message to both parties that you expect, nay, demand results. Together we can build the California we desire. To learn more, visit

  • Peace and Freedom
  • 2124 Kittredge St. #104
  • Berkeley, CA 94704

I am committed to all the people of California. Let's work together to create a peaceful, prosperous, and environmentally clean and sustainable State with high quality education and health care for all, living wages, and community control of abusive police and prisons. I vow to tax the super-rich more to end poverty. Register Peace and Freedom Party.

  • Republican
  • P.O. Box 310
  • Tollhouse, CA 93667

I'm the only candidate that will clean up the mess by holding elected officials accountable to the Constitution that will improve our economy.

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