Lieutenant Governor

  • Assumes the office and duties of Governor in the case of impeachment, death, resignation, removal from office, or absence from the state.
  • Serves as president of the State Senate and has a tie-breaking vote.
  • Chairs the Economic Development Commission, is a member of the State Lands Commission, and sits on the boards of the California university systems.

  • Republican

California is home to the world's most innovative and hard-working people, yet we're crushed by high taxes and unemployment, plus the nation's worst business climate for jobs. Let's put Republican ideas into action and set clear priorities: Reform taxes to make them lower, simple and fair; Limit government spending; Set high standards and move control over education back to our local schools; Protect homeowners and seniors by safeguarding Proposition 13 and keep property taxes down; Protect our neighborhoods by stopping the early release of dangerous criminals; Scrap the wasteful “high speed rail” boondoggle and build infrastructure improving roads to reduce commuting times, and get water to the people and farms needing it. Working together, we can do it.

“We the People.” Not: Partisanship, Corporations, Special interests. Fiscal Responsibility, Social Fairness, Government Accountability. Family/Community focused, been unemployed, I feel your pain. Pragmatism, Integrity, Straightforwardness, “UnPolitician.” Not Republican/Democrat, like most, bit of both, lots between. 1.3 Million Californians signed petitions (candidate not party) for political Innovation. California's Expertise? Innovation. Lt. Governor doesn't change party caucuses. Top 2 Primary. Worth Innovating? Supporters:,,

  • Democratic
  • 1720 Torrey Pines Rd.
  • La Jolla, CA 92037

As a Ph.D. scientist rather than a career politician, I will bring needed analytical capabilities and innovative thinking to Sacramento. While simultaneously being the father of young children and a successful entrepreneur relying on good money management skills, I believe strongly that funding for schoolteachers and higher education should take precedence over spending on government overhead. Therefore, to set an example of fiscal restraint for other state officials, I will cut the Lieutenant Governor's staff and budget by 50% and accept no pension. As Lieutenant Governor, most of my energy will be devoted to fighting for your rights to efficient and cost effective government. I sincerely request your vote and look forward to hearing your ideas.

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