Board of Equalization

Serves on the Board of Equalization, the state's elected tax commission, which:

  • Oversees the administration of over two dozen tax and fee programs including those for sales and use, cigarette and tobacco, alcohol and fuels.
  • Serves as the appellate body for California income and franchise tax cases.
  • Oversees the administration of property tax statewide.


  • Republican
  • 43759 15th Street, West, PMB25
  • Lancaster, CA 93534

As your elected taxpayer advocate, I am working each and every day to protect the interests of you, the taxpayer. From defending Proposition 13 to fighting against tax increases on California families and businesses, I've stood firm against the special interests who want to take more of your money. That's why tax fighters like the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association support my re-election. As a businessman, I know firsthand it's not easy doing business in this state. California's tax policies should create more private sector jobs in our state, not discourage entrepreneurship. We're making progress. Working with my colleagues, we ended the government's requirement for a security deposit from new businesses, returning hundreds of millions of dollars back to their rightful owners rather than having the funds tied up in a government account. Together with other taxpayer advocates, we're fighting the unfair and illegal “Fire Fee” tax targeting homeowners and senior citizens across California. We're going to win that fight in court and return millions of dollars back to taxpayers. While in the Legislature, my accomplishments include Jessica's Law, which created the toughest sexual predator laws in the nation. I also authored California's Amber Alert, which has aided in more than 200 reunions of abducted children with their parents. I would be honored to earn your support. Visit to learn more about my mission to protect taxpayer rights and make California government more responsive and accountable to you.

  • Democratic
  • P.O. Box 161527
  • Sacramento, CA 95816-1527

A tax guy for California's tax board, it just makes sense.


  • Democratic
  • 1032 Irving Street #908
  • San Francisco, CA 94122

As your Board of Equalization Member, I will work to create jobs and invigorate our economy. I first became interested in public service as a small business owner and a Certified Public Accountant advocating on behalf of local businesses. More than 20 years later, I am taking my work ethic and practical, proven track record to the Board of Equalization to fight for California taxpayers. Each year, California fails to collect eight billion dollars from the underground economy. This lack of revenue hurts hard-working Californians by shortchanging vital public service programs and hindering our economic recovery. I will put to use my years of auditing companies and my understanding of how to read and interpret financial statements to knock out fraud and the under reporting of taxes that costs California billions. I served as a Commissioner on our local Assessment Appeals Board and heard property tax appeals, got elected as a San Francisco Supervisor, and, as a member of the California State Assembly, I authored many tax related bills to help businesses thrive and keep California competitive with other states. I earned a B.S. in Accounting, M.S. in Taxation, and an MBA and have been licensed in California as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1992. My goal is to help working families thrive in our golden state by ensuring that California has a fair and efficient tax collection system. I would be honored to have your vote on June 3, 2014. Thank you.


  • Democratic
  • 6221 Overhill Blvd.
  • Los Angeles, CA 90043

During these challenging times, it has been an incredible privilege to serve you as Chair of the Board of Equalization (BOE), and in position to use my 36 years of BOE, legislative, and financial experience—including 26 years with the Board of Equalization, to protect and serve Californians. I started with the Board as an 18-year-old intern and rapidly progressed to become an Executive Business Tax Law counselor, before joining the California State Legislature. I later served on the California Medical Assistance Commission and California Workforce Investment Board, fighting to improve access to health care, quality jobs, and educational opportunities. Elected to the BOE in 2010, as an architect of the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, during my tenure we have helped 1.3 million entrepreneurs open, maintain, and grow their businesses and administered upwards of $138 billion in revenue for state and local services. My anti-criminal business initiatives have helped to combat Human Trafficking, arrest 128 criminals operating illegally, and remove tons of illegal and unhealthy products off our streets. My Campaign Against Poverty has assisted thousands of California taxpayers recapture millions in tax refunds and credits and empowered nonprofits to help fight poverty. I am equally proud of my internship programs designed to provide our young people with training and employment opportunities. To learn about 32 additional Horton initiatives and other resources, please visit In closing, please join California Teachers, Firefighters, Nurses, Police, Taxpayers, and Small Businesses in supporting my re-election.


  • Democratic
  • 28793 Beattie St.
  • Highland, CA 92346

“I will Vote for you.” This pledge I am hearing from Voters and co-workers. It is my honor to be your representative.

  • Republican
  • 31878 Del Obispo #118; PMB106
  • San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Why have I consistently received highest ratings by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California Chamber of Commerce, and other pro-businesses, taxpayer, and public safety groups? Because, I have successfully exposed waste, opposed raising taxes, and won more oversight and efficiencies in state government. Board of Equalization plays a vital role clarifying tax policy, settling disputes, and interpreting regulations. I will work for you, individuals, and businesses, hamstrung by overreaching and inefficient government. My goal is simple: help people and communities prosper and create jobs by preventing hidden tax increases, excessive auditing, litigation, and job-killing mandates. Focusing on policies that help not hinder the people served, employment and revenue increase, government waste and debt decrease. In the State Assembly, I exposed the faulty High Speed Rail plan, hidden costs with Cap and Trade programs, won oversight, major program changes, and funding for critical needs like public safety, education, transportation, while promoting water storage to protect against drought. I built my professional career in finance, helping individuals and businesses cut through red tape, creating jobs through good and bad economic cycles. Californians want opportunities to expand businesses, access good paying jobs, educate and raise families safely, and realize a bright, secure future for seniors, children, and grandchildren. California is rich in natural and human resources. My husband of 30 years and I raised our daughter here and know, working together, our Golden State can again lead the nation in prosperity, opportunity, and quality of life. I respectfully ask for your vote.

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