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Make Your Voice Heard California Statewide November 2, 2004 General Election
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United States Senator


901 15th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 712-3000

John Kerry and John Edwards are running to make America stronger at home and more respected in the world. They will stand up for the values that have always made America great: faith and family, strength and service, responsibility and opportunity for all. They have a plan to create good-paying jobs at home and keep them here. They want to let families get ahead in an America where the middle class is growing. They are fighting to make health care a right for all Americans. They have a plan to make this nation independent from Middle East oil. And they believe that we must modernize and strengthen America's military, defeat global terrorism, and lead a new era of alliances - so young Americans are never put in harm's way because we insisted on going it alone. John Kerry and John Edwards are running to make real their shared vision of America - a vision rooted in two lifetimes of service and strength, of standing up for their fellow Americans. Serving in Vietnam, John Kerry learned that in war, as in peace, we must help our fellow citizens when they falter and fall behind. In the courtroom and the Senate, John Edwards fought to help people who deserved a better life. John Kerry and John Edwards know that we are a country of the future. We are a country of optimists. We are the can-do people. And we just need to believe in ourselves. We can let America be America again.

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