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Make Your Voice Heard California Statewide November 2, 2004 General Election
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United States Senator


2072 SE Bristol Street
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: (949) 253-4036

Experience has taught me to be fiscally conservative, but socially conscious. I believe in government based upon security, liberty, and responsibility at all levels of society. I represent people who do not want special favors from government, only equal opportunity. That is why I am a Libertarian. If you were to "hire" someone to represent you in Washington, I believe you would hire someone with my credentials: 20-year veteran trial court judge in Orange County, federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, criminal defense attorney in U.S. Navy JAG, and Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica. I have a proven record of bringing diverse people together to create and oversee programs that work. I founded "Peer Court" (, select "video"), which emphasizes accountability and ethical conduct for youth; implemented a strict and effective drinking driver sentencing program; authored the book Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It (Temple University Press, 2001), which presents viable options to the government's counterproductive War on Drugs; and compose the musical "Americans All." We must reduce the cost, size, bureaucratic over-regulation and intrusiveness of government, especially the excesses of the so-called Patriot Act. We need "sunset" legislation that will require each federal agency to justify its continued existence every five years; and must eliminate non-discretionary sentencing, so that judges can make the penalty fit the crime rather than incarcerating petty, non-violent criminals for decades at great taxpayer expense. Together, we can return control of California to Californians. This Time It Matters!

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