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Make Your Voice Heard California Statewide November 2, 2004 General Election
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United States Senator


American Independent
425 E. Merle Ct.
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: (866) 878-8487 or (510) 433-7000

As a candidate for the office of United States Senate I bring both unique issues and solutions of vital importance to the people of California. In our time the word "Enron" is associated with financial scandal of the greatest type. My campaign puts the spotlight on issues of actual financial corruption that make the Enron scandal look like a ant in comparison to a elephant. Specifically my campaign, which can back up all following statements with facts found at my campaign website of TRUTHUSA.ORG, exposes the following horrific corruption scandals (1) If you are a American working in America there is no law requiring you to either file a tax return or pay income tax; and (2) the Federal Reserve System (FED) is actually a private banking cartel which is cheating the nation and all citizens of their wealth by what is called "debt-money." The IRS is a utterly corrupt governmental agency that is using judicial corruption to cover-up the scandal and truth of its attacks against the citizens of our state and nation. The FED is a private banking cartel which rules our nation, including you, as it steals both our current earning and, especially, the future savings of our citizens. It is the reason that 2 parents need to work to equal the purchasing power that one person previously had. No true financial solutions - national, state, or personal - can be found as long as the base scandal of debt-money is not solved. I will solve that problem.

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